If someone would have told me sooner that biking everyday helps with depression/anxiety a shit ton more than pills, I’d have never stopped last year.

Theses are how my new meds are making me feel

people with money. only people with money

travelling the world, “dropping everything” and moving to another city/state/country, majoring in your liberal arts interest of choice, applying/going to your dream college/university, buying your dream house, working at your dream job, cultivating/building/guiding your own dreams, dreaming. living.

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-Tegans And

-Those most likely to fit into anything at

-Skinny white queer people being skinny queer and

-Those most likely to have a bomb ass dating life in Portland,

-40 shades of Robyn

-Fuck Yeah aesthetically pleasing bodies in aesthetically appealing settings and situations.

please add to the list,


(aka. black broke lonely bitter overweight bitch from hell)